To Enhance producing capabilities of a Farmer

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Indian economy is dominated by small and marginal farmers. Agriculture land holding has been fragmenting, due to division of joint families. After fragmentation even the medium farmers become either small or marginal farmers. These small and marginal farmers are posed to problems corresponding to access of credit facilities, technology, access of natural resources, soil erosion, lack of mechanization and marketing etc. These issues can be dealt through Farmers Producer Organization.

With the broad objective of providing an encapsulated aid for the challenges associated with the production and allied activities a proposal for setting up a Farmers Producer Company was forwarded to NABARD seeking support and assistance. In the due course enumerating the importance and need for the establishment of such an organisation NABARD extended the support to MANUVIKASA for promoting a FPO in the selected blocks of Uttara Kannada district especially in Siddapur and Sirsi in order to support the farming community.

MANUVIKASA is working as POPI (Producer Organization Promoting Institute) with NABARD and has promoted one FPO in two forms viz. Pragatimitra Souhardha Sahakari Niyamita and Pragatimitra North Kanara Farmers Producer Organization, Souharda for supporting the financial needs of landless labourers and the encroached farmers who are denied of financial support from the local financial institutions and the producer company will deal with the service, machinery, processing and input support.

"Promoting a sustainable Producer organization is helping thousand needs of a farmer"

---Ganapati Bhat

Director of Manuvikasa